Welcome to
Oggi Pizza Bar Brooklyn

At Oggi Pizza Bar, we’ve paired a menu with refined food, wine, and service in a rustic, casual environment. We source our ingredients from the finer distributors and our wine list is full of unique finds, priced right. We partner with a local vineyard in Long Island to provide you with an eco-friendly delicious wine from the tap/ Our goal at Oggi is to entertain and treat every guest like you are one of our family members and to provide an extraordinary experience. We are family owned and operated since the days when it was called Enzo. Now we have the new generation of Enzo managing it.
We welcome you at Oggi to Eat Well Oggi aka Today. Salute.


  • The service was perfect and I left super happy and satisfied. I would come back here next weekend and have all of the other dishes I wish I tried but didn't order. I would highly recommend this place to really give you that delicious satisfying meal that you know you will leave happy. Hands down an amazing meal!


    Cay S.
    Brooklyn, NY